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Song of Songs in the Middle Ages
by Ann W. Astell

The Song of Songs and
the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs

by Michael V. Fox

Song of Songs
by Katie Thamer

The Song of Songs
by Dr. Dahesh

The Song of Songs
(Old Testament Guides)
by A. Brenner

God's Wisdom and Power :
Stories of God and His People:
1 and 2 Chronicles, Proverbs,
and the Song of Songs

by Eve MacMaster

Song of Songs :
A Drama Based on the Original
Text of Scriptures

by Meri M. Ydit

Songs of Romance and Delight
(Michael Head Song Album, Vol 2)
by Michael Head

Song of Songs
by Jeanne Marie Bouvier
De LA Motte Guyon

Love and Politics : A New
Commentary on the Song of Songs

by Luis I.J. Stadelmann

Music and Poetry in the Middle Ages :
A Guide to Research on French and Occitan Song, 1100-1400

(Garland Medieval Bibliographies, Vol 19) by Margaret L. Switten

Woman Prayer, Woman Song; Resources for Ritual, Liturgies, Songs
by Miriam Therese Winter, Meinrad Craighead (Illustrator)

Song of Songs

by Peter Jay (Translator)


Song of Songs

(Anchor Bible, Vol 7C)

by Marvin H. Pope (Translator)


Sacred Marriage:

The Wisdom of the Song of Songs

by Nicholas Ayo, Meinrad Craighead (Illustrator)


Romance, She Wrote:

A Hermeneutical Essay on
Song of Songs
by Andre Lacocque


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